Origin Performance Rig

The Origin Performance Rigs are simple modular constructions with endless possibilities. Simply begin with a started cell and add more cells and attachments to fit your needs. Rigs are made to order so full customisation is available, including colour, galvanisation, branding and attachments.  

Freestanding option also available.

Origin Modular Storage Rig

Key Features and Specification

    • The starter cell is 1.2m wide x 1.74m deep (from wall).
    • 2.7m high
    • Additional cells of 1.2m or 1.9m width can then be added.
    • Slot and drop system allows attachments to be added securely and easily.
    • Can be galvanized to make suitable for outdoor use.

    Additional Attachments

    • Grappler Attachment
    • Bar Hooks (pair)
    • Additional Monkey Bar Attachment
    • Medicine Ball Target Attachment
    • 3 Bar Wing Attachment
    • Vertical Weight Plate Storage
    • Dip Attachment
    • Step Attachment
    • High Bar Attachment

      • Double Pull Up Bar
      • Storage Rail Shelf
      • Adjustable External Safety Spot Arms Attachment
      • Adjustable Inverted Row Bar
      • Multi-purpose Single Hoop Attachment
      • Multi-purpose Triple Hoop Attachment
      • Pull Up Handles Attachments
      • 5m Climbing Rope
      • Punch Bag Attachment
      • Bar Holder Attachment

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