Home Buyer

Our residential buyers love our top of the range equipment and our outstanding service and maintenance network.

What we can do for your home gym

PT Studio

We work with lots of personal trainers to set up their studios, from exacting equipment to the design of their own gyms.

How we can transform your PT studio

Hotels And Spas

A good hotel gym can make all the difference to your member retention and sign-up rates. We've set up some flagship hotel gyms.

Our work with hotels and spas

Councils And Trusts

We specialise in council gyms, with Paisley's brand new Lagoon fitness centre considered to be one of the best around.

Our extensive experience with council gyms

Health Clubs

Health and sports clubs need individual attention, with carefully selected equipment. We're experts in the sector.

How we work with health clubs


University and college gyms need to be adaptable, scalable and stacked with long lasting equipment. Read what others in the sector think of us.

How we work with unis and colleges

Corporate Gyms

Happier staff generally means better work rates and employee satisfaction, and a good corporate gym can really make the difference..

Our corporate gym expertise

Sports Clubs

Anytime has years of experience with sports clubs of all types and sizes, from gym design to specifying equipment.

How your club can benefit from Anytime

Budget Gyms

If you're kitting out your gym on a budget - whatever that budget is - we can help, from gym design to specifying the equipment.

How we work with budget gyms