Resistance Bands and Resistance Equipment

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  • Origin Resistance Bands
    This is our lightest band and is ideal for those new to resistance training or for use in therapy and when recovering from injury.

    Starting at: £2.40 ex-VAT £2.88 inc-VAT

  • Origin Power Bands
    The Origin Power Bands help to safely add resistance to your workout without the need for extra weight increments which can be costly.

    Starting at: £8.17 ex-VAT £9.80 inc-VAT

  • Origin Resistance Tubes (Set of 3)
    Origin Resistance Tubes are light, portable and has padded handles for comfort providing an easy way top tone up at home, on holiday or on the go. Set of 3 included in this pack for a variety of resistance as the user gains strength and experience in using this equipment.
    £12.51 ex-VAT £15.01 inc-VAT
  • Origin Resistance Tube Rack
    Origin Resistance Tube Wall Rack
    £31.49 ex-VAT £37.79 inc-VAT
Resistance training offers an alternative to weight training, with many benefits including portability, smaller footprints, value for money and customizability.