CrossFit Skirmish Case Study

CrossFit Skirmish

On Saturday 16th January 2016, Edinburgh’s CrossFit Skirmish revealed their exciting new ‘Big Box’ to a packed out crowd of new and prospective members. This exciting development for Skirmish comes just 12 months after owners Siobhan and Gavin originally starting running the affiliate from a small studio within their business - Energy Gym.

Energy Gym was one of the first gyms in Edinburgh to fully embrace ‘functional training’ choosing kettlebells, TRX, Indian clubs, free weights, battling ropes, body weight and HIIT training in addition to their traditional machines. Their focus on this type of training yielded fantastic results for members who simply wanted to become exceptionally fit and it’s down to these origins that their decision to expand their offering to include CrossFit was, Siobhan tells us, a natural evolution.

This new arm of the business has quickly grown under the attentive guidance of Head CrossFit Coach, Sasha Voronov and the CrossFit Skirmish community quickly outgrew the original box.

CrossFit Skirmish

The Project

Working with Origin Fitness from the early stages of the facility design, CrossFit Skirmish plotted a move into the adjacent 140m2 studio space for early 2016. The capacity of their current box limited class sizes to eight members per WOD – whereas this new space would double the number of members they could accommodate.

An Origin Fitness account manager met with Siobhan, Gavin and Sasha for initial discussions and to gain an understanding of their vision for the new ‘Big Box’, then soon after presented some 3D layouts and box designs to progress the project.

CrossFit Skirmish

Gym Design

The long and narrow shape of the box meant the layout had to be carefully considered to ensure the maximum number of members could be working safely across all the areas at one time.

The three key areas are the elevated bars (for gymnastics rings and climbing ropes), the main functional rig and squat racks, then the combined open workout area and Olympic lifting space. Working with Solid Athletix who produced the main rig and high bars we ensured the final space could accommodate six squat stations, the same number of embedded Olympic lifting stations and 13 pull up bars.

CrossFit Skirmish Case Study


To support the growth and popularity of the Skirmish Olympic Lifting Club, Origin Fitness provided premium rubber floor tiles which are separated by solid wood panels creating distinct lifting platforms. The zones created by the inlaid platforms also has the benefit of breaking up the space during workouts making it easier for members to stay in the same place and avoid the dangers of encroaching on other users personal space.

Four of the premium floor tiles have also be customised with the CrossFit Skirmish crest.

CrossFit Skirmish


The main equipment brand chosen for the project was Origin Fitness. The Origin products in the box are fairly typical of the CrossFit school of training, however the quality and variety of equipment at CrossFit Skirmish will be difficult to rival.

Alongside their incredible 20 Concept2 Model D rowers, Skirmish have also drafted in two Star Trac Turbo Trainers to bolster their HIIT cardio line up. Other exciting additions include two Impulse Sterling GHD machines and a collection of Dynamax Wall Balls – the world leading manufacturer and brand of choice at CrossFit HQ.


To help complete the gym design package, Origin Fitness worked closely with Siobhan and the team to develop concepts for the artwork and graphics in the box. Working with our production partners, Origin Fitness prepared and installed the logos and other graphics seen around the box.

CrossFit Skirmish


“The Launch of our big CrossFit Skirmish Box was incredible, with the whole gym bouncing with an energy I have not experienced before. Indeed we had over 200 people from our local community taking part in rowing and CrossFit tasters. Plus local sports teams taking part in our fun competition WOD too.” – Siobhan Barry, Managing Director, Energy Gym and CrossFit Skirmish

CrossFit Skirmish is undoubtedly going to continue its growth and will quickly build on the success of its first year. In combining their investment in the new ‘Big Box’, their enthusiasm for CrossFit, experience in operating and managing a gym and general love of fitness, Siobhan, Gavin and Sasha have come across a winning formula which is creating a fitter and happier community each day.

Find out more about CrossFit Skirmish and Energy Gym on their website and keep up to date with their latest news on Facebook.

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