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Live Borders-TriFitness

WHO: Live Borders- TriFitness with Account Manager Matthew O'Connor

WHERE: Galashiels, Scotland

TYPE:Local Authorities & Trusts


The team at Tri-fitness, part of the Live Borders group, came to Origin with the challenge of installing a brand-new site in Galashiels, Scotland. Their aim was to create a complete site where members could do different types of exercises at different intensities.

From Cardio to Functional and HIIT training to Strength and resistance workouts, the space needed to be set out in a well-thought-out way to give multiple spacious areas for members to move around and workout.

Live Borders


When we started working with Tri-Fitness, it became clear that high on the priority list was a large space dedicated to strength training with the capacity to store equipment smartly. This was achieved by adding a Performance Storage Rig to store equipment such as, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and plates to make the most of the space.

In addition to being a great storage solution, the Performance Rig offers numerous other benefits. Within the rig, you can perform multiple exercises with the use of the attachments, such as the landmine attachment and the dipping station, or use j-hooks, barbell and weight plates to perform compound exercises such as squats and overhead presses. To compliment the racks, Tri-Fitness opted to install a mix of strength and free weight equipment including bars, rubber crumb bumper plates and adjustable benches.

All of this equipment is placed on top our 40mm and 20mm High Impact tiles and some Oak Platform Inserts. 40mm tiles are best used in high-impact zones where weights are likely to be dropped. Free weight and Olympic lifting areas are often subject to persistent impact and this flooring minimise sound and vibration to avoid disruption to surrounding areas. The integrated Oak Platform Inserts provide a fantastic area for members to deadlift or perform Olympic lifts.

Live Borders

See just some of the kit installed:

Fitbox Bench
RD3 Dumbbells
Rubber Crumb Bumper Plates
Performance Series
Storm Rower
Multi Adjustable Bench


We are really happy with the completed Tri-Fitness gym. It is a multi-functional space dedicated to different types of training styles to give the users a large choice in a comfortable setting. Account Manager, Matthew did a great job in designing the areas to make the most of the space available.

It was a pleasure to help Tri Fitness achieve the vision that they had in place, we came up with a unique solution that fitted the profile of space that the client wanted. Richard and his team were very easy to work with throughout the process, the installation was very smooth and carried out brilliantly by Gym Logistics. Overall, the site is a must-see for anyone who is based in the area and I’m sure it will be very successful.

- Matthew O'Connor, Account Manager

Thank you TriFitness for choosing Origin for this project, it was a pleasure!

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