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Gym Accessories

Gym Accessories

Agility and performance, boxing and studio classes - As the fitness industry continues to grow and develop new ways of bringing a healthy lifestyle to the masses, it is our aim to supply the very best equipment to support you in that endeavour.

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Gym Accessories

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  • Origin Yoga Brick

    The Origin Yoga Blocks/Bricks are manufactured from a High-Density foam that is extremely lightweight, yet durable. Rounded edges and corners provide extra comfort.

    Starting at: £3.37 ex-VAT £4.04 inc-VAT

  • Origin Soft Weights
    Origin Soft Weights

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin Soft Ball
    Origin Soft Ball

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin 2m Yoga Belts
    Origin Yoga Belt

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin Hurdle

    The Origin Hurdle is ideal for sports teams, coaches and gyms looking to provide users/athletes a space for speed, functional or agility training.

    Starting at: £5.24 ex-VAT £6.29 inc-VAT

  • Origin Skipping Ropes

    The Origin Skipping Rope is designed for ease of use for all users, durability and easy adjustment. The two colour options allow you to chose the best fit with the rest of your studio or functional zone while the long rope can be tied beneath the handle for quick and easy length adjustments for different types of user.

    Starting at: £5.24 ex-VAT £6.29 inc-VAT

  • Origin Gym Ball Dish
    The Origin Gym Ball Dish
    £8.33 ex-VAT £10.00 inc-VAT
  • Origin Adjustable Hurdle

    The Origin Adjustable Hurdles offer a flexible agility training tool as they quickly and easily adjust to two different height. An 180-degree turn of each leg will alter the height between either 20cm height or a 30cmheight.

    £8.39 ex-VAT £10.07 inc-VAT
  • Origin Body Bars
    Origin Body Bars

    Starting at: £8.99 ex-VAT £10.79 inc-VAT

  • Origin Speed Rope

    The Origin Speed Rope is flawless in its design, perfectly balanced out weight provides an efficient workout. Performing unbeatable speeds due to the coated cable.

    Starting at: £9.16 ex-VAT £10.99 inc-VAT

  • Origin Speed Ladder

    The Origin Speed Ladder is available in lengths from 4-10m, all fully adjustable.

    Starting at: £9.44 ex-VAT £11.33 inc-VAT

  • Origin Studio Barbell Clamp Collars (30mm)
    The Origin Studio Clamp Collars are manufactured using a strong and durable plastic that is made to last.
    £10.49 ex-VAT £12.59 inc-VAT
  • Trigger Point MB1 Massage Ball

    The TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball is the optimal tool for treating tension pain and muscle fatigue. It allows for an intense massage that targets small or difficult to reach muscle regions.

    £11.90 ex-VAT £14.28 inc-VAT
  • Origin Resistance Tubes (Set of 3)
    Origin Resistance Tubes are light, portable and has padded handles for comfort providing an easy way top tone up at home, on holiday or on the go. Set of 3 included in this pack for a variety of resistance as the user gains strength and experience in using this equipment.
    £12.51 ex-VAT £15.01 inc-VAT
  • Origin Air Balance Disc
    Origin Air Balance Disc.
    £13.95 ex-VAT £16.74 inc-VAT
  • Origin Speed Ball

    The Origin Speed Ball is the ideal boxing training tool for developing punching speed, timing, accuracy and coordination. It's an essential for any boxing gym but is also a great tool for the combat zones within more mainstream facilities.

    Starting at: £14.99 ex-VAT £17.99 inc-VAT

  • Origin Weight Lifting Belt

    Made from strong durable leather with a padded internal lining, the Origin Weight Lifting Belt offers support and comfort for your most demanding lifts.

    £15.74 ex-VAT £18.89 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wall Mounted Battle Rope Holder

    The Origin Wall Mounted Battle Rope Holder is a simple yet stylish storage solution for any functional zone. By storing battle ropes on the walls, you create a safer, more spacious and flexible functional training area while keeping the ropes easily within reach.

    £20.99 ex-VAT £25.19 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wobble Board
    Origin Wobble Board.
    £23.57 ex-VAT £28.28 inc-VAT
  • Origin Kick Pads
    Origin Kick Pads

    Starting at: £24.57 ex-VAT £29.48 inc-VAT

  • Origin Indoor Cycle Floor Protection Mat
    Origin Indoor Cycle Floor Protection Mat
    £26.24 ex-VAT £31.49 inc-VAT
  • Origin Weighted Gym Balls

    The Origin Weighted Gym Ball can be used for a variety of exercises that target core muscles and increase users stability, strength, balance and range of motion. Each Gym Ball has a textured surface for added grip as well as a denser/heavier material base - this reduces the amount of ball movement between workouts and should always return back to its upright position.

    Starting at: £26.24 ex-VAT £31.49 inc-VAT

  • Origin Rubber Studio Barbells Set
    Origin Rubber Studio Weight Plate Set

    Starting at: £29.99 ex-VAT £35.99 inc-VAT

  • Origin CV Floor Protection Mat
    Origin CV Floor Protection Mat
    £30.62 ex-VAT £36.74 inc-VAT
  • Origin Dipping Belt

    The Origin Fitness Dipping belt is the perfect training tool fo adding extra load to a whole range of bodyweight and gymnastic movements. From dips and pull-ups to hip belt squats, this accessory can add a new dimension to your training.

    £31.49 ex-VAT £37.79 inc-VAT
  • Origin Rowing Machine Floor Protection Mat
    Origin Rowing Machine Floor Protection Mat
    £35.00 ex-VAT £42.00 inc-VAT
  • Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller
    The TiggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is ideal for dense tissue or deeper muscle compression. It is designed to withstand constant, heavy and repeated use without breaking down whilst being constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers.

    Starting at: £39.95 ex-VAT £47.94 inc-VAT

  • Origin Weighted Vest

    The Origin Weighted Vest is available in three different weight options; 10kg,15kg and 20kg. Each vest is designed to fit all users with a single size design.

    Starting at: £40.99 ex-VAT £49.19 inc-VAT

  • Origin Parallettes
    The Origin Parallettes are the ideal solution for any simulated parallel bar movements, such as; push ups, dips, L-sits, V-sits, deficit handstand push-ups and more.
    £62.99 ex-VAT £75.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin Urethane Studio Barbells Set
    Ideal for high intensity studio classes as well as versatile individual training tools, the Origin Studio Weight Sets are the perfect accessory for any gym setting. Durable, stylish and easily stored – the ideal exercise companion.

    Starting at: £64.00 ex-VAT £76.80 inc-VAT

  • Origin Wooden Multi Sided Plyo Box

    The Origin Wooden Plyo Box is an essential accessory that should be at the top of every gym’s shopping list. The simple solid 18mm Plywood construction offers a hard wearing and extremely stable plyometric box option for gyms of all types.

    £79.99 ex-VAT £95.99 inc-VAT
  • Origin Aerobic Step
    The Origin Aerobic Step is a great piece of commercial gym equipment for convenient, quick and effective workouts. A robust step that is also light enough to move around with ease, this is a perfect accessory for commercial or home use.
    £81.81 ex-VAT £98.17 inc-VAT
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Studio and Functional Spaces in gyms are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the world due to their dynamic and diverse nature. Kit out your studio or home gym with our wide range of equipment.