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Gym Accessories

Gym Accessories

Agility and performance, boxing and studio classes - As the fitness industry continues to grow and develop new ways of bringing a healthy lifestyle to the masses, it is our aim to supply the very best equipment to support you in that endeavour.

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Gym Accessories and Fitness Accessories

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  • Origin Resistance Bands
    This is our lightest band and is ideal for those new to resistance training or for use in therapy and when recovering from injury.

    Starting at: £2.40 ex-VAT £2.88 inc-VAT

  • Origin Vinyl Studio Dumbbells
    Origin Vinyl Studio Dumbbells.

    Starting at: £2.40 ex-VAT £2.88 inc-VAT

  • Origin Studio Barbell Spring Collars
    Pair of Origin Studio Barbell Spring Collars.
    £3.32 ex-VAT £3.98 inc-VAT
  • Origin Yoga Block

    The Origin Yoga Block is manufactured from a High-Density foam that is extremely lightweight, yet durable. Rounded edges and corners provide extra comfort.

    Starting at: £3.37 ex-VAT £4.04 inc-VAT

  • Origin Boxing Swivel Hook
    Origin Swivel Hook

    Was £10.02

    Now £4.00 ex-VAT £4.80 inc-VAT

  • Origin Soft Weights
    Origin Soft Weights

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin Soft Ball
    Origin Soft Ball

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin 2m Yoga Belts
    Origin Yoga Belt

    Starting at: £4.49 ex-VAT £5.39 inc-VAT

  • Origin Hurdle

    The Origin Hurdle is ideal for sports teams, coaches and gyms looking to provide users/athletes a space for speed, functional or agility training.

    Starting at: £5.24 ex-VAT £6.29 inc-VAT

  • Origin Skipping Ropes

    The Origin Skipping Rope is designed for ease of use for all users, durability and easy adjustment. The two colour options allow you to chose the best fit with the rest of your studio or functional zone while the long rope can be tied beneath the handle for quick and easy length adjustments for different types of user.

    Starting at: £5.24 ex-VAT £6.29 inc-VAT

  • Origin Speed Ball

    The Origin Speed Ball is the ideal boxing training tool for developing punching speed, timing, accuracy and coordination. It's an essential for any boxing gym but is also a great tool for the combat zones within more mainstream facilities.

    Starting at: £6.00 ex-VAT £7.20 inc-VAT

  • Alpha Strong Snap Strap
    The AS Snap Strap™ is an interchangeable accessory designed to be used for wall hanging suspension with the AS Strong Strap™ and AS X-Strap™, and can also be used for lifting bars as well as attaching Thy Sandball™ to reps.

    Was £13.92

    Now £7.11 ex-VAT £8.53 inc-VAT

  • Origin Slalom Poles

    The full height of the Origin Slalom Poles ensure that the athlete carries out realistic, full body slaloms, while the bases keep the pole securely in position. This makes the poles a perfect training tool for both upper and lower body agility training.

    £7.34 ex-VAT £8.81 inc-VAT
  • Origin Boxing / Sparring Gloves
    The Origin Sparring Gloves are designed to endure your hardest sparring session as well as your most gruelling training regimes.

    Starting at: £8.00 ex-VAT £9.60 inc-VAT

  • Origin Power Bands
    The Origin Power Bands help to safely add resistance to your workout without the need for extra weight increments which can be costly.

    Starting at: £8.17 ex-VAT £9.80 inc-VAT

  • Spinning Spin and Burn DVD
    Let Spinning instructors Louise Hernandez, Joshua Taylor and Mike Michels take you on a 40-minute ride that will help you build the aerobic base needed to boost your endurance and get more from every ride.

    Was £22.90

    Now £8.33 ex-VAT £10.00 inc-VAT

  • Origin Gym Ball Dish
    The Origin Gym Ball Dish
    £8.33 ex-VAT £10.00 inc-VAT
  • Origin Adjustable Hurdle

    The Origin Adjustable Hurdles offer a flexible agility training tool as they quickly and easily adjust to two different height. An 180-degree turn of each leg will alter the height between either 20cm height or a 30cmheight.

    £8.39 ex-VAT £10.07 inc-VAT
  • Alpha Strong Tire Hook
    The AS Tire Hook™ is a heavy metal claw made to grip different size tires covered in heavy woven nylon webbing and Toughtek® rubber.

    Was £17.40

    Now £8.88 ex-VAT £10.66 inc-VAT

  • Origin Speed Rope

    The Origin Speed Rope is flawless in its design, perfectly balanced out weight provides an efficient workout. Performing unbeatable speeds due to the coated cable.

    Starting at: £9.16 ex-VAT £10.99 inc-VAT

  • Origin Speed Ladder

    The Origin Speed Ladder is available in lengths from 4-10m, all fully adjustable.

    Starting at: £9.44 ex-VAT £11.33 inc-VAT

  • Origin Studio Barbell Clamp Collars (30mm)
    The Origin Studio Clamp Collars are manufactured using a strong and durable plastic that is made to last.
    £10.49 ex-VAT £12.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin EVA Fitness Mat

    The Origin EVA Fitness Mat is extremely lightweight - which offers easy transportation from class to class etc. The textured surface on both sides provides grip for both the user and the environment. With Eyelets at the bottom of the mat, storage is easy. Simply hanging the mat vertically provides a safe and clean service. EVA is a very soft material that will cushion the user during the workout, making it comfortable for use over a long period of time. Easily maintained the Origin EVA Fitness Mat is easy cleaned with a spray and a cloth

    Starting at: £10.99 ex-VAT £13.19 inc-VAT

  • Origin Leather Boxing Mitts
    The Origin Leather Boxing Mitts are designed to endure your most gruelling of workouts and come in four different sizes

    Starting at: £11.00 ex-VAT £13.20 inc-VAT

  • Trigger Point MB1 Massage Ball

    The TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball is the optimal tool for treating tension pain and muscle fatigue. It allows for an intense massage that targets small or difficult to reach muscle regions.

    £11.90 ex-VAT £14.28 inc-VAT
  • Origin Resistance Tubes (Set of 3)
    Origin Resistance Tubes are light, portable and has padded handles for comfort providing an easy way top tone up at home, on holiday or on the go. Set of 3 included in this pack for a variety of resistance as the user gains strength and experience in using this equipment.
    £12.51 ex-VAT £15.01 inc-VAT
  • Alpha Strong Strong Strap
    The AS Strong Strap™ is no ordinary strap. The AS Strong Strap™ is adjustable, interchangeable and the first of it's kind on the market to this day.

    Was £27.84

    Now £13.60 ex-VAT £16.32 inc-VAT

  • Origin Air Balance Disc
    Origin Air Balance Disc.
    £13.95 ex-VAT £16.74 inc-VAT
  • Alpha Strong X-Strap
    The AS X-Strap™ is a double grip, multi-use strap. As part of the interchangeable Alpha Strong™ accessory system this strap provides a double grip option.

    Was £27.84

    Now £14.22 ex-VAT £17.06 inc-VAT

  • Origin TPE Fitness Mat

    The Origin TPE Fitness Mat is perfect for any user wanting the most out of their Mat, this may vary from beginner to expert levels. Also suitable for users using mats for everyday exercise and use for example; sit ups at home to even fishing. The thick cushioning system provides a more comfortable and extended length of workout, with two different surfaces on each side one smooth (bottom) and one textured (top) provides enough grip to suit any environment.

    Starting at: £14.66 ex-VAT £17.59 inc-VAT

  • Spinning Pedal Power DVD
    Train your legs to move mountains.

    Was £22.90

    Now £14.99 ex-VAT £17.99 inc-VAT

  • Spinning Train and Tone DVD
    Take a journey toward transformation with an eclectic music mix that spans the globe.

    Was £22.90

    Now £15.70 ex-VAT £18.84 inc-VAT

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Studio and Functional Spaces in gyms are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the world due to their dynamic and diverse nature. Kit out your studio or home gym with our wide range of equipment.