Gym Storage Racks and Accessory Racks

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  • Origin 3 Gym Ball Rack
    Designed to store 3 gym balls.
    £115.49 ex-VAT £138.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin Sandbag and Powerbag Rack

    The Origin Sandbag rack holds 5 sandbags. Highly durable frame with inner support stops bags from sagging in the middle and helps keep their shape. Lightweight frame makes transporting frame easy.

    £129.93 ex-VAT £155.92 inc-VAT
  • Origin Freestanding Wall Ball / Storage Rack
    The Origin Freestanding Wall Ball Rack is the perfect storage solution to organise your workout area. The vertical storage rack has the capacity to hold four wall balls/oversized medicine balls or five Origin Double-grip Medicine Balls. This storage rack is can also be suitable for sandbags and other accessories. Wall balls, medicine balls or accessories are not included.
    £149.95 ex-VAT £179.94 inc-VAT
  • Origin Cable Attachment Rack
    The Origin Cable Attachment Rack is a stylish verticle rack with 19 holds for a variety of cable attachments.
    £168.43 ex-VAT £202.12 inc-VAT
  • Origin 6 Gym Ball Rack

    This Origin storage rack is vital for keeping gym floors and workout areas tidy and safe.

    £178.05 ex-VAT £213.66 inc-VAT
  • Origin 12 Gym Ball Rack

    This Origin storage rack is vital for keeping gym floors and workout areas tidy and safe.

    £178.49 ex-VAT £214.19 inc-VAT
  • Origin Studio Dumbbell Rack
    Origin Studio Dumbbell Rack. Holds 42 pairs of Origin Studio Dumbbells.
    £298.37 ex-VAT £358.04 inc-VAT
  • Impulse Sterling Barbell Rack
    SL line is a high quality commercial series consists of 16 plate loaded equipments currently. Robust, effective and aesthetically appealing, this professional plate loaded line is designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights. The application of advanced biomechanics ensures that our equipment follows the body's physiological movement to help keep the user free from injury. Minimum maintenance is required for commercial applications.
    £709.00 ex-VAT £850.80 inc-VAT
  • Origin Wall Mounted Mat Hanger
    Origin Wall Mounted Mat Hanger
    £64.99 ex-VAT £77.99 inc-VAT
  • Origin Mat Hanger

    The Origin Mat Hanger is suitable for all Origin Mats with eyelets, keeping them safe, dry and tidy when they are not in use. Attachable hooks provides a customization of up to 4 hooks for various different styles of mats. Manufactured with 4 wheels and brakes, therefor manoeuvrability and stability is done with ease.

    £115.49 ex-VAT £138.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin Air Balance Trainer Rack
    Origin Air Balance Trainer Rack
    £136.49 ex-VAT £163.79 inc-VAT
  • Zhangkong Barbell Lifter
    Zhangkong Barbell Lifter
    £358.50 ex-VAT £430.20 inc-VAT
  • Origin Studio Barbell Rack For 30 Sets
    The Origin Studio Barbell Rack will hold 30 sets of Origin Studio Weight Plates.
    £376.25 ex-VAT £451.50 inc-VAT
Keeping your gym organised is essential if you want to keep and impress customers. Our wide range of gym storage racks allow you to keep things safe, neat and tidy.