Free Weight

Free weights are so popular due to their versatility and their ability to be used to progressively build strength.

There is a variety of different free weights to choose from. Dumbbells are a popular choice and can be found at almost all gyms and fitness spaces. They can be used for a variety of workouts and you will find it easy to progress in exercises due to the small increment increases between the dumbbell pairs. With dumbbells, you can build strength, muscle, stamina AND endurance.

Hex Dumbbells are a top seller, especially for home gyms or smaller facilities. Their hex shape makes these dumbbells anti-roll, meaning that they will never escape your grasp between sets and are easier to store. These are available in a wide range of weight pairs from 1kg to 40kg. If you are looking for dumbbells that are aesthetically pleasing, our top of the range urethane dumbbells are just that. These urethane dumbbells are made from solid steel heads, and surrounded by thick, shock absorbent layer of urethane. This makes these dumbbells highly durable and perfect for high traffic gym facilities. Another option would be our rubber dumbbells. Despite being slightly less durable than urethane, rubber is still a fantastic option for any home or commercial gym.

We also offer adjustable dumbbells, which are the ultimate space saving solutions recommended mainly for home gyms. Adjustable dumbbells allows users to pick and choose the desired weight, without the need to purchasing a full set of dumbbells.

If you are looking to purchase a larger amount of dumbbell size variations, have a look at our dumbbell sets and also dumbbell storage for keeping your free weight area nice and tidy.

Olympic Bars are crucial to the free weights area of a gym. They come in different weights and comply to IWF standards for those individuals that are interested in competing. 20kg bars are used across various sports, and are a popular choice for commercial gyms. 15kg bars may be better suited individuals who want to try Olympic Lifting so that a smaller load can be lifted. We also offer a variety of utility and specialist bars, which can help amp up your training and add some variety to your gym routine.

Weight Plates fit onto your Olympic bars and allow you to scale up your strength. Bumper plates are best if you are planning to drop the bar from a height and their height offers the perfect starting position for the deadlift. We offer a unique range of bumpers to choose from. We also offer Olympic Plates which have handy cut outs for easy handling. For ease, we sell weight plates in sets and also storage to keep things tidy.

Other free weights that we offer are Kettlebells. Kettlebells are a versatile piece of gym equipment. They can be swung, lifted, curled… the list goes on. This is what makes kettlebells great for your HIIT workouts both and home and in the gym.

Fixed Barbells are a great way to progress into weight training. They are a one-piece design which makes them more convenient to use as the user doesn’t have to worry about changing weight plates over.

Finally, if you are looking for multiple weights, our Free Weight Sets category is the right place to browse. We offer a large combination of weight plates to kit out you gym facility or home gym. You will also need a place to store your new free weights, you can find a variety of storage solutions in this free weights category.

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