The modern Fitness Barre stemmed from The Bar Method of training.

The Barre Method is based on the techniques of a German dancer, Lotte Berk, back in 1959. This included ballet bar routines teamed with back rehabilitation exercises.

The Barre method integrates interval training, isometric work, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and physical therapy based exercises into their workouts.

One of the most innovative manufacturers of Fitness Barre's is Fluidity. Fluidity developed a program that incorporates an adjustable and portable barre system which includes a mat and resistance bands to enhance the workout.

The main focus of the Fluidity Barre System has been directed to the posterior chain, to overcome the major deficiencies we see in our population today. From sitting at a desk all day to being stuck in traffic, the Fluidity Barre System aims to iron out the hunched position our body is used to and strengthen our now weaker posterior.

So why would you want the Fluidity Barre System in your gym?

1. A Fitness Barre is Fully Adjustable

The fluidity barre can be adjusted to the individual. The adjustable barre heights mean that the fluidity barre can be adjusted to suit the needs and levels of the individuals using it, unlike a fixed bar you would usually find in this type of studio space. This allows you to train in a neutral pelvis position.

2. A Fitness Barre is Very Unique

The patented design allows for push/pull exercises using your body weight in a range of directions. This set up allows you to do a huge variety of exercises across different planes of motion, which is important as it allows you to address the entire movement capabilities of the individuals using the fluidity barre.

3. A Fitness Barre is Portable

The fluidity barre has 4 swivel wheels, which allows for complete lightweight portability. Ideal when you need to store them away to free up the studio for another class, or when you have different numbers in each class and only require a certain number out at once.

This also gives you the ability to change angle from your instructor throughout the workout.

The fluidity barre also has a dual user design, allowing pairs to share the same Barre, which is great for minimising floor space and relationship building.

4. It’s a Different Type of Fun

The fluidity program aims to work your whole body. Rather than isolating certain muscles it aims to make you move your entire body in a combination of strength training, ballet and flexibility moves. So instead of being stuck on a treadmill or some form of exercise in which you do not enjoy, this may be the option for you to try something different.

5. A Fitness Barre is Great for All Ages and Abilities

No matter your age or ability, the fluidity barre can be used by anyone. No experience in dancing required. Taken from the basics to more advanced moves with a class or programme at your own pace.

As you can see there are a number of reasons why introducing a fluidity barre into your gym would benefit your members and your club. From the various health benefits such as a whole body focus, to the diverse range of practical advantages, the fluidity barre will suit and attract a huge variety of clientele to your facility.