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Gym Flooring: Make a Visual Impact with Colours and Custom Designs

Gym Flooring: Make a Visual Impact with Colours and Custom Designs

Gym flooring is one of the most important components for any facility to consider before deciding the layout of the equipment on the gym floor. Modern manufacturing processes now allow gym floors to have bright durable colours and custom design patterns: Visually segregating your gym into specific training zones has now become simple and straight-forward.

One of the most popular additions to our fitness flooring offering this year has been the rubber Origin Fitness Tiles. These 10mm gym floor tiles provide a great source of protection for equipment and existing floors, as well as being highly customisable and hard wearing.

  • Origin Fitness tiles offer an innovative, aesthetic, and superior quality, specific-purpose flooring solution.
  • Optimum impact absorption and flexibility allows for higher levels of athleticism whilst reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Ideal for exercises that work on flexibility, core, balance, strength & power focusing on multiple movement planes.
  • Terrific surface choice for cardio areas, freestyle areas, functional and agility exercises, as well as group exercise and suspension training activities.

Increased Durability, Usability and Flexibility

  • The dual-durometer rubber tiles, consist of two layers for increased strength and durability. The soft base-layer provides cushioning and absorbtion, while the solid top layer means that the flooring is easy to clean, it holds it's shape after large impacts and colours, logos and graphics appear sharper and more detailed.
  • 10mm thick tiles come in a straightforward 1m x 1m in size.
  • Available in 27 different colours.
  • Product finish is dense, smooth and has an “orange-peel” like finish for fantastic grip and excellent durability.
  • Logos, agility and functional zone markings can be in-laid into the surface for maximum effectiveness and usability. Call us for more information and examples of functional markings.

Bespoke & Custom Design Solutions

  • Origin Fitness tiles are customisable and there is the option to add graphics, logos, zones, or functional and specialised line markings.
  • Sketch your own if you have a something in mind, or allow us to come up with a design for you!

Simple to Install

  • Origin Fitness flooring can be is supplied as modular tiles.
  • Each tile is custom-made based on an electronic drawing, and precision cut to within a fraction of a millimetre.
  • Complexity of installation removed because we label and organise each individual tile as it's manufactured.
  • Installation process is as easy as installing tiles in sequence, according to our personalized instructions.

If you have a fitness flooring project or bespoke design requirement, get in touch with us or call us on 0131 335 3145.



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