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Revenue Streams: 5 Strategies To Grow Your Gyms Revenue

Revenue Streams: 5 Strategies To Grow Your Gyms Revenue

Revenue is a big focus whether you've just opened your first gym or run a large commercial facility. At the heart of every gym is helping people in the local community. But, without generating different revenue streams, a gym won't be around to help for very long. While many approaches can grow revenue, in this post, we want to touch on five of our favourite strategies.

Financial growth in the fitness industry primarily comes from two main areas: retaining Existing Members and acquiring New Members. It's essential to strike a balance between these two pillars, as they play a pivotal role in your gym's financial success. Effectively targeting new and existing clientele, is the key to financial stability.

Having multiple revenue streams alongside a primary income source not only enhances financial security, but also makes you less reliant on just one aspect of your business. Diversifying income sources ensures your business can still make money to support you during a downturn and allows you to continue providing valuable services to your community.

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Offer Membership Tiers

A great way of increasing revenue is by offering tiered membership options. Doing this not only helps attract a wider client base, but can be enhancing your gyms appeal with current members. Customise each tier based on current offerings accounting for classes, facilities, and services you could offer that would cater to the widest audience possible.

Each level should introduce new services such as nutritional coaching, personal training, or exclusive access. It should entice potential new members and encourage existing members to take that next step to explore a new tier. This will increase monthly spend while providing different revenue streams as you will appeal to the membership interests of different individuals.

Take inspiration from successful models such as David Lloyds where they have the right balance. They cater to most members with their a Club or Plus memberships, but also offer an all access Diamond membership. Consider different accessibility options, contract lengths, and flexibility types to give members the best options possible.

Do research to ensure packages align or best local competitors while effectively catering to the needs of your client base. Offering a range of membership, not only provides added value to current members but provides the best opportunity to attract new clients to your gym.

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Focus On Member Retention

Generating new leads is important, but if you're losing members regularly it's always going to be difficult to maintain or grow revenue. This is why membership retention is vital. Consistent income from regular membership levels allows you to focus on developing other revenue streams within the business.

Consider the needs of your members and always offer an experience which can't be replicated with anyone except yourself. In the highly competitive fitness industry, personalised and unique experiences are what set your gym apart from the rest. Some of our favourite ways of doing this involve the following:

Speak With Clients

Engaging with members is the easiest way to find out what is important to them and where you can improve. In larger gyms where personal interaction might not be possible with every member, leverage modern technology to understand member behaviour.

Data used right can help you to decide where to invest in equipment and customisation across different aspects of your gym. If possible gather feedback during different times with clients from the initial onboarding, to post-training session booking, and through to anytime they visit the gym.

Offer Personalised Services

A personalised approach is essential for member retention. Identify what applies to your member specifically, whether that be offering tailored services such as unique nutrition plans, body composition analysis, and sport-specific training options. Even better offer virtualised versions of these experiences so you're not just limited to physical members or visitors in the gym.

Enhancing member engagement and loyalty can be improved further by providing value-added incentives like free fitness assessments or personal training sessions for new members or members not taking you up on this offer already. Focusing on low-cost, high-value methods is a sure fire way to drive engagement and loyalty over the long term increasing the revenue streams you have access too.

Childcare Offering

A different idea but a great one if you have a client base full of busy parents. Providing a secure and supervised space for children could be a valuable solution that allows parents to continue to prioritise their fitness with you. This approach not only maintains their interest in your gym but also ensures they can stay committed to their fitness goals while their children are well taken care of in a safe environment.

Develop Online Presence

A few quick ways to do this are ensuring a modern website, proper utilisation of social media, and some form of newsletter. Ensure your website is user-friendly, with personalised user portals, fast loading times, and a seamless online experience.

Enhance member engagement by adding value through blogs, video content, photo sharing, and quick fitness tips, that ultimately keeping them in shape and committed to your gym. Use social media and newsletters to keep members engaged and informed about what's happening in your gym activities.

Loyalty Programme

Consider implementing a loyalty program or scheme that allows members to earn points, enjoy discounts, gain early access to new merchandise releases, or access exclusive services as part of their loyalty benefits. This gamification of the experience not only adds an interactive and rewarding element but also encourages members to stay engaged, that creates a deeper sense of connection and loyalty to your gym.

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Review Your Golden Goose: Personal Training Services

Personal training is the foundation to any gyms success, making it essential to continually refine your process. Taking the time to regularly evaluate and improve your offering is critical. Especially considering it is one of the key revenue drivers in your business. Enhancing the services you offer not only leads to improved member experience, but opens the door to additional revenue streams.

For new members, consider providing free consultations to showcase your services and entice them to join the gym. With existing members, incorporate monthly check-ins and one-on-one sessions as part of their membership. Not only will this keep them on track, but help them maximise use of your facility. This can help with fostering long-term client relationships, and demonstrates commitment to their well-being.

If your gym is a larger commercial facility with a team of personal trainers, assessing their processes is equally important. Regular reviews can identify areas where additional support or training may be needed. Focus on how trainers interact with members, their procedures, and the messages they convey. Done right this can identify areas for improvement that give long term benefit.

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Branded Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise can be an unexpected, yet effective way to boost your gym's revenue. Personalised merchandise featuring gym branding, colours, and logos is a fantastic way to foster a sense of community with members.

Ensure merchandise is high quality and authentically represents your gym and brands style. Make sure it can be something both members and staff take pride in wearing inside or outside the gym. Building brand identity through clothing extends beyond additional revenue streams; it fosters a strong sense of community within your gym.

Furthermore, branded merchandise serves as free advertising, increasing brand awareness and potentially attracting new members. Consider adding key items like clothing, water bottles, and gym bags to your offering. A final touch would be to collaborate with local designers as well to give true authenticity to your branded merchandise.

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Generating New Leads

As discussed above, retaining members and improving services are the main ways to increase revenue with existing members. But as with all businesses, especially the fitness industry, it's important to acknowledge people will come and go. This makes it key to maintain a robust lead generation process.

Streamlining this is crucial for busy business owners, as it will save time allowing a stronger focus on core operations. Leveraging sales software like Glofox can be a game-changer. It can help you with various tools such as lead management, targeting, segmentation, and interaction timelines.

These features are essential for an efficient sales process and generating revenue. On that topic, also review and optimise your current membership process ensuring effective membership management from start to finish. Consolidate your process across the business for a seamless experience of turning new leads into long term members.

In the digital realm, it's also wise to keep your website updated for both desktop, but more importantly mobile users. Incorporate tactics on site like strategically timed pop-ups as visitors navigate away, enticing them to stay. Implement lead capture forms on high-traffic site areas, and optimise web pages to rank well in online searches. This will enhance your online presence and improve lead generation capabilities.

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To conclude, it's important to recognise that boosting revenue isn't a game of chance; it's a strategic process that involves thoughtful planning and the implementing new strategies and technologies. By doing this, you not only increase your gym's financial success, but also assist a diverse range of members in achieving their fitness goals.

While the five strategies we've shared today aren't an exhaustive list of ideas, we hope they've provided you with valuable takeaways that you can start implementing in your gym right away. If you find yourself in need of further guidance or have specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you navigate the path to a more profitable and successful gym. You can contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750.

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