ViPR Loaded Movement Training hit the gyms in 2010 and was incredibly well recieved by PTs, facilities and the industry and it's great to see that it has still growing in popularity and sitting alongside the ever developing array of functional fitness equipment.

Origin Fitness are an authorised distributor of ViPR equipment and we've been having a great time training with ViPR ourselves. So we thought we would share with you the 5 best ViPR exercises.

Ice Skaters (Lateral Bound)

This is a great exercise for getting raising the heart rate, working your legs and glutes as well as challenging balance and stability.

  • Hold the ViPR with a neutral grip.
  • From a standing position step to the right, planting that foot and bringing the left hand across the body and down towards the ground.
  • Push off, moving laterally and land on the left foot. This time the right hand moving towards the ground.
  • Bend the knee more to further engage the glutes and bring the trail leg round behind the base.

Gorilla Crawl

The gorilla crawl is an incredibly simple move to explain and deliver, but it works brilliantly at bootcamps and training sessions in open spaces where you can keep going for a long time.

  • Use a neutral grip, but on the inside of the ViPR handles where the tube is stronger.
  • Similar to you would in a bear crawl, bend over and put the ViPR on the ground.
  • First, move forward with your hands, then follow with your feet, both at the same time.
  • Keep repeating the pattern until you cover the intended distance.

Squat Thread The Needle

This is a key exercise in many ViPR instructors toolkits. The squat works the glutes and legs while holding the position of the ViPR works the upper body.

  • Begin with the ViPR horizontal at chest height then rotate 90 degrees.
  • Using the correct form for a squat, bend down and with the ViPR going between your legs. Keep the back straight and hinge at the hips.
  • Drive upwards with the legs bringing the ViPR up back above it's starting position.

Lateral ViPR Tilt

The ViPR lateral tilt incorporates another side to side movement, this time in the form of front lunges.

  • Stand upright with the ViPR on it's end and both hands on the sides.
  • Take a large step to the right and with the left hand, lower the ViPR to the ground next to the right foot.
  • From the side on lunge position, push upwards and return to the centre position before switching hands and repeating on the other side.

Anterior Step with Upper Cut

This exercise is one of our absolute favourites because it works a range of muscle groups; when done properly it can be very challenging.

  • Hold the ViPR in a neutral grip at the left hip.
  • Step forward with your right leg into a lunge while performing an upper cut motion with the left hand.
  • The bottom of the ViPR should be point forward, then will eventually point over the right shoulder at the end of the lunge. Retrace the movement back to the starting point and repeat.

These are just a few of the 9000 exercises you can do with ViPR.