Extensive scientific studies have shown that High intensity interval training (HIIT) can help to burn fat in relatively short periods of training time when compared to longer sessions of steady-state cardiovascular training.

The benefits of High Intensity Interval Training are plentiful. We have gathered the top five reasons why you should consider adding HIIT workouts to your training programme.

1. HIIT is a Real Time Saver

If time is a barrier, HIIT is a great way to overcome this. HIIT workouts can range from around a few minutes, to a maximum of around 30 minutes. Within this time, you can easily burn more calories than a moderate steady state 60 minute cardio session, such as running or cycling.

2. HIIT Burns Fat Even After You Have Finished

Once you have finished your HIIT workout, the stimulus created by this high intensity session increases your energy expenditure for the next few hours post workout, some studies have shown up to 24 hours after, compared to moderate, steady state cardio. This is due to the increase in energy required to repair the body after such an intense workout.

It has been shown that after just seven sessions of HIIT over a 2 week period, offers a short-duration stimulus to improve whole body fat oxidation and the capacity for skeletal muscle to oxidise fat (Talanian, 2007).

3. HIIT Can Increase Your Metabolism

There have been studies that demonstrate improvements in insulin sensitivity and glucose control, particularly in individuals with or at risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Studies have also reported that interval walk training was more beneficial in reduction in abdominal visceral fat mass compared to moderate exercise, despite the same energy expenditure. This is a key component of metabolic health.

4. HIIT Can Help To Maintain Muscle Mass

As well as providing a fantastic cardio workout, HIIT can also help maintain muscle mass, unlike conventional steady-state cardio exercise. Maintaining muscle mass will only occur during anaerobic exercise, so HIIT intervals should be close to maximum power output as possible.

5. A HIIT Workout is Never a Boring Workout

With the ability to use so many different exercise variations and exercise equipment, you can make every HIIT workout extremely fun and exciting. The possibilities are endless, especially when you have access to a gym.


HIIT not only helps to burn fat during a shorter period of time when compared to traditional cardio workouts, it also helps to maintain muscle mass.

There are many more reasons why you should consider including high-intensity interval training workouts to your training programme, but we have focused on the top five reasons. Now all you have to do is find the best way to incorporate HIIT into your weekly training schedule.