Origin Fitness' Sales and Service teams have had their achievements over the past 12 months recognised by suppliers in the form of two awards at end of year ceremonies.

At the Star Trac Fitness EMEA distributor meeting, Origin Fitness was presented with the award for Best Service Performance for the work that the team of engineers and support staff based in Edinburgh carries out for Star Trac customers seven days a week.

Service-Team-Award Service Team L-R: Nick Reiter (Engineer), Zoe Clements (Customer Service Assistant), Steph Sim (Service Manager), Salvador Coll (Engineer)

Similarly, the board at Impulse Health Tech Co. head office in China decided to recognise the sales team members at Origin Fitness, by awarding them the 2014 Award for Performance Excellence in Sales.

"I'm thrilled for all of the sales and service team members who have been recognised by these awards. Every day the whole team at Origin Fitness works hard to make sure the service we give our customers is the best it possibly can be, so it's fantastic to see that these efforts are being appreciated by our partners around the world." Paul Bodger - Managing Director, Origin Fitness.

Sales-Team-Award Origin Fitness Sales Team L-R: Josh Bicknell (Operations Director), Dugald Macgregor (Sales Manager), Jonny Curley (Sales Director), Mike Scott (Sales Manager), Matthew Griffiths (Internal Sales Manager)