5 reasons to have excellent fitness accessories in your gym or club.

Investing in good accessories is essential in your gym. Every member or user of your facility will utilise the stretch area or functional area. Over the last 12 months the fitness industry has seen a massive increase in functional training and metabolic training. Every personal trainer is using it, every publication is promoting it. The training theory is not anything new and if anything is taking training back to basics. What is making the big difference is the quality of the accessories and knowledge of the staff and most importantly the knowledge of the members. Your members are now more inclined than ever to work out entirely in the functional area with medicine balls, kettlebells, suspension training and powerbags.

Five Key considerations are:

1. A well organised stretch area / functional area is key with demonstrations offered throughout the working day on various piece of equipment. It does not matter if this is a small area with two stretch mats or a large studio space if it is well organised people will want to come into the space and train.

2. Make sure to spend time with new members in the functional zone as part of the induction process making people without knowledge of using functional equipment feel comfortable to come into this area once training. The functional areas with welcoming colours are now for all whereas in the past the free weight areas were only for people that had big muscles or could grunt loudly. Luckily gyms are now changed environments.

3. Make sure to fully explain the benefits of functional training for reaching your training goals. Should these be weight loss, muscle gain or recovery, all are attainable with functional exercise as part of your training.

4. Make sure the staff in the gym are in the functional area and look for members looking for advice and use this to engage with the members on the gym floor.

5. By adding new pieces of relatively inexpensive fitness accessories to the stretch/functional zone you will create conversations with your members through social media and in the gym. You can also using a relatively inexpensive video recorder to get members of the fitness team to demonstrate the new pieces of equipment and load these onto your website and Facebook. This will allow all your members to fully understand what each piece does and the training benefits of using the equipment.