CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ is the evolution of functional equipment, training and education. CrossCore180® is the only bodyweight training product on the market that allows you to work in all planes of motion.

As consumers learn more about the value and benefits of functional training, there is an increased demand for personal trainers and fitness professionals who have the skills to deliver these programs and help clients achieve their goals. Anytime Leisure is therefore delighted to be hosting a series of CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training Education™ courses in 2015.

Course Details

These courses will be held on the following dates and times at the Anytime Leisure Training Academy in Edinburgh.

  • 9am-5pm, Saturday 28th February, 2015
  • 9am-5pm, Wednesday 13th May, 2015
  • 9am-5pm, Saturday 8th August, 2015
  • 9am-5pm, Saturday 5th December, 2015

Highlights of the CrossCore® instructor training include:

  • A convenient 1-day, 7-hour course
  • Understand and demonstrate safe, correct set up and use of CrossCore180®
  • Gain foundational knowledge of the neuromuscular system and motor control
  • Learn to perform and teach CrossCore® open and closed kinetic chain full body and targeted exercises
  • Learn exercise progressions for all levels
  • Enhance your coaching skills with effective cueing and session design
  • Cost - £149.00 +VAT

You’ll receive a certificate of attendance, which verifies your attendance and grants you permission to use the CrossCore® brand name when coaching Rotational Bodyweight Training™ programmes.

ACE (0.6 CEU's), NASM (0.6 CEU's), ISSA (6 CEU's), NESTA (0.6 CEU's), 6.0 FITNESS AUSTRALIA CECs, 1.5 SPIN® CECs, 1.5 Peak Pilates® CECs