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Fitness Studio Essentials 2022

Fitness Studio Essentials 2022

Group fitness has evolved and it might be time that your studio does too. Fitness studios are no longer just for aerobics and yoga. They have adapted over the years into one of the most popular ways to train in gyms. From functional fitness group classes, stretch sessions to HIIT sessions - fitness studios are offering it all.  

Read more below to find out some of the trends, products and considerations you may want to keep in mind when redesigning your fitness studio. 


Times are changing fast in the fitness industry, from new training trends to varying demands from members. By adjusting your studio offering, in terms of both equipment and classes, you can ensure you remain at the forefront of a dynamic marketplace. 

Prepare to cater to a range of ages; from older members and those less physically able, as well as be ready to introduce new class types to excite activity hungry millennials. Scroll down for our top ten studio products to future-proof your fitness studio. 

Hiit studio in Rhyl

HIIT the Refresh Button

With increased global connectivity, group exercise sessions can be inspired by trends from all around the world. This means studios need to come equipped to offer your members the versatility they crave. 

Unless you have a business focussing around one particular training style, like indoor cycling studio or holistic yoga hub, consider the skills and the tools your instructors might need to deliver great quality sessions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. 

Find out why you might create a HIIT specific zone here.

A Changing Demographic

By 2050, it is expected that the global population of those over 60 years of age will reach 2 billion.

Over the last few years within the industry, we have seen a rise in people aged over 60 signing up for an active lifestyle. Looking for ways to improve and extend their quality of life. 

With this, you may encounter a new set of product and class requirements. An ageing member may seek out a different style of coaching from an instructor to who they feel they can relate more easily. They might also have different requirements in terms of equipment and product than other groups within your membership. 

A need for balance, recovery and flexibility training might come into focus. Consider a higher frequency of classes at off-peak times to cater to this new community. Are you equipped to offer these members the same quality experience as your 25-35 year olds? 

Introduction and Recovery

In 2020, it was considered that majority of adults were overweight or obese in England. A Cancer Reseach UK 's recent report highlighted not only the higher percentage of our population that is obese, but also the association of obesity to certain cancers.

As the industry takes a stance to help create a healthier future, your facility could look at introducing classes for those who have reduced mobility or are recovering from surgeries. Low impact, low-intensity classes could just be the right (re)introduction this demographic needs to lead an active lifestyle. 

Read more about the link between obesity and cancer.

Top Ten Fitness Studio Products

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is great for helping relax your muscles, increasing your range of motion and helping stimulate faster recovery. even loosen up joints and tendons. An inexpensive addition that produces great results in a variety of exercises and sports.

Mats Mats Mats

Mats can be an important piece of equipment in many exercises and classes. These products can offer many benefits, such as protecting hard surfaces and making workouts more comfortable.  

However, there are many different types of mats, some suited to specific types of exercise. You can't use yoga mats for body pump or short foam mats during pilates.. Buying a gym mat can be difficult, so here's a quick buying guide. If not, contact our sales team, and one of our experts will help you choose! 

Studio Weight Sets

Studio weights range from 1.25kg to 10kg, a perfect range to suit all your clients. Plus, they have been designed for quick plate changes, making them easy to use and less threatening to the new gym member. 

Yoga Bricks

This is another quick and easy addition to your studio that will open up your classes to more members. It is a great way to help your members become more comfortable in poses while avoiding injury at the same time. Yoga bricks were designed to help people with limited flexibility perform poses safely. The bricks also provide more comfort than yoga mats. Win-win! 

Resistance bands and power bands

Often found near the weight lifting rack, resistance and power bands are actually really well suited to the fitness studio. Using rubber to create resistance rather than weights, these bands are a great introduction to strength and toning exercises for all demographics. They are also great flexibility and mobility training tools and come in a range of thicknesses and colours. 


Studio dumbbells and free weight dumbbells often feel like two different species, but they needn't be. Choose a variety of weights and both HIIT enthusiasts, Zumba fans, and Pilates pro's will be happy with your selection. 

Bosu Balls

They're a funny looking product but in the hands of the right instructor the the bosu ball or air balance trainer is a versatile tool. Often used to increase balance and core strength, these can be flipped and used as an extra challenge in gruelling strength workouts or functional circuits. Great for all ages from beginner to seasoned pro. 

bosu balls

Gym Balls

Modern gym balls have weighted bottoms which stop them from rolling all over the place. Suddenly, bringing out the gym balls is not longer an introduction to chaos, but rather a game-changer that can help scale up or down a whole host of exercises. 

Boxing accessories

A great conditioning and agility workout; boxing has been a gym favourite for years, but often has been kept to specialised facilities or martial arts specific classes.

However, many gyms now feature boxing elements in circuits, and we don't see a reason why they couldn't be used for all type of member. With different pads and gloves available, you can invite your members to "punch out" the stress at their own fitness level.


Another classic, the kettlebell can be used as a substitute or addition to any class. Small and available in an incredible weight range, no studio is complete without a good set of these. Go for rubber or competition if you want to add some colour to your offering, or urethane to keep your floor protected and streak-free.


It's all good and well stocked up on all these products, but you might find yourself in  bit of a chaotic cupboard by the end of it.

Modular Storage Rigs allow you to create the storage system you need to organise all your accessories in a space-efficient manner. The small footprint of these racks along with the range of shelves available to slot in means you can completely customise your rig, and can even add another dimension to your classes as well! 

They're sturdy enough to hold full-size weight plates, suspension trainers, pull-up bars and you can even add a set of monkey bars. If you're looking for a future-proof studio, you might want to start here. 

Click here to find out more about our rig selection, for any assistance, contact our sales team to design your very own rig designed specifically for the needs of your facility! 

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