Cybex would


9.30am – 4.30pm, 7th November 2013

Larkhall Leisure Centre
Broomhill Road

This seminar covers the key concepts in developing, maintaining and evolving health and performance through proven nutritional practices.

The day begins with the concept of functional nutrition and an understanding of the basics of macronutrients, insulin and recovery. Overtraining, injury and illness will be reviewed and considered in conjunction with the key ingredients of stress, sleep and hydration.

Attention then turns to performance. An integrated model of performance will be presented that encompasses principles of synergy and holistic health. Nutrition timing for anabolic drive and improved endurance will be covered, as will a review of ergogenic aids.

The seminar content will then be brought together through an analysis of a performance nutrition case study.

The knowledge delivered across the day can be effectively utilised by elite athletes, weekend competitors and any of your current members or clients, all in an aim to improve their understanding of the link between nutrition, health, fitness and performance.

To book your place, or request additional places, simply email Richard Purves at giving your name(s), job title, company and contact details. Lunch and refreshments are provided.
* Please bring full workout clothing