The Origin Sqyre is the latest product in the Origin Fitness range and one of the most unique pieces of equipment you will find in any gym in 2016.

A Re-invention of the Wheel?

You may be familiar with the use of large tractor tyres in functional and strongman training, as the practice has been around for several years, steadily growing in popularity. Despite this popularity, normal tyres can be very intimidating and unsafe, especially for new users in a gym environment.

To overcome these issues, the Sqyre was designed and manufactured by Sam Marsh of Jigsaw Fitness:

We always strive to innovate with every product we design. With the Sqyre, we stripped the exercise back to the first fundamental principles of what needed to be achieved, to flip, lift and carry the product. We also didn't want it to break, so our objective was to build a  product which was able to withstand the heavy use of the gym environment."

- Sam Marsh

Why choose a Sqyre over an ordinary tractor tyre?

  1. The Origin Sqyre will flip in a predictable direction, and will never bobble meaning it may be used in classes in close quarters with other clients.
  2. The large area in the middle of the Sqyre allows users to carry and lift it without being restricted by the inner shoulder of an ordinary tyre.
  3. The holding straps are connected to steel clasps welded to an inner steel box section. Built to ISO standard by Jigsaw Fitness Ltd in the UK, these are extremely tough and will not come off.

The 7 Best Functional Exercises Using The Sqyre

Now that you know the benefits of the Sqyre and why you would choose to use one over a conventional tyre, let's look at how to use the Sqyre.

The lighter Sqyre models such as the 45kg are perfect for more endurance and cardiovascular based exercises, whereas the heaviest 100kg Sqyre can be used for more intense heavy lifting sessions.

Here are our top seven functional exercises using the Origin Sqyre with detailed instructions:

1. Sqyre Deadlift

  1. Stand roughly shoulder width apart
  2. Grab the handles by bending over
  3. Lift your chest, straighten your back, and sink your hips down whilst bracing (taking a breath into your stomach)
  4. Maintain the back position whilst driving through the floor to a standing position
  5. Do not lean back or add a shrug at the top
  6. Return to the floor maintaining this back position

Sqyre Deadlift

2. Sqyre Farmers Walk

  1. Repeat the deadlift technique to pick up the Sqyre
  2. Walk from one point to another whilst maintaining a firm grip, and upright posture
  3. Repeat deadlift technique to return Sqyre to the floor

Sqyre Farmers Walk

3. Sqyre Flip

  1. Repeat deadlift technique but place hands underneath the Sqyre. This will require a deeper starting position.
  2. By driving through the floor and maintaining a strong straight back position, lift up the Sqyre and flip it to the other side.
  3. Repeat

Sqyre Flip

4. Sqyre Flip Jumps

  1. Repeat Sqyre flip technique, but add in jumps
  2. Jumps can land in the middle and back, all the way through, or landing on top of the Sqyre
  3. Flip again, repeat

Sqyre Flip Jumps

5. Sqyre Lateral Jump Deadlifts

  1. Repeat Deadlift technique
  2. Jump laterally (to your side, left or right), over and back into the centre of the Sqyre
  3. Repeat Deadlift technique

Sqyre Lateral Jump Deadlifts

6. Sqyre Pulls

Maintaining a strong posture lean off the rope attached to the sqyre and pull through until the sqyre reaches you – like a tug of war!

Sqyre Pulls

7. Sqyre Seated Pulls

  1. Maintaining a strong posture, seated, feet flat on the ground, pull through until the sqyre reaches you
  2. Again, a tug of war!

Seated Sqyre Pulls

Want to Learn More? Watch Our Instructional Video!