In recent years, the fitness industry has felt the push to keep up with ever changing technological innovations. Suppliers have been keen to bring together technology and fitness in a way that feels both advanced and familiar to the end user, so that they choose their product over the countless others in the market today.

With fitness technologies embedded in our daily lives in the shape of calorie counting, run trackers and other health focused apps, the challenge is to distribute fitness equipment that can keep up with these app based innovations which move at a fast pace.

Operators and manufacturers have tried to develop their own platforms, to communicate with their equipment and go some way to bridge the gap between the gym and the member's personal life. However, these often cannot keep up with the sheer popularity enjoyed by the top apps like MyFitnessPal, Strava and Nike+.

So when Core Health and Fitness went about designing their new consoles for the Star Trac and Stairmaster 8 series, their vision was simple: They wanted to create a flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer today and into the future.Their new OpenHub consoles have achieved exactly this.

openhub guide

What is OpenHub?

These new consoles allow the user to track and upload their progress to a whole range of fitness tracking apps, without having to convert or fuss about with any of the data. So whether you subscribe to RunKeeper or your gym's personal tracking app, the data can be uploaded all the same.

The consoles also connect to a selection of group display systems such as MyZone, opening up the possibility of internal competitions and games between members.

Integrated Bluetooth and ANT+ receivers/transmitters ensure that the consoles can communicate freely with the majority of mobiles, heart rate monitors and other fitness trackers - ensuring their relevance both now and in the future.

The secret to OpenHub's success lies in its openness to work with 3rd party software and applications, making themselves suit all facilities and users world wide.

Next to this, the consoles make is possible to physically connect your phone or tablet to the large 10" or 15" touch displays, which you can use to display Netflix, Hulu or other entertainment streaming service. Though the consoles themselves still have the ability to connect to similar services through a direct WiFi Connection, it can make operation smoother as users tend to prefer to navigate such systems on their phone or tablet.

Finally, the consoles record use, performance and errors of each individual machine and can communicate these through to the facility's preferred asset management system, helping  to keep on top of the equipment and prevent issues before they even occur. Staying one step ahead of customers is a sure way to deliver top quality service.

How does OpenHub work?

Imagine you're a member, and you're looking to go for a run on a treadmill but register your distance, heartrate and pace accurately on Strava or another fitness app.

With OpenHub, the user has the power to monitor and store their workout data in a way that they choose to, not in the way the treadmill or gym dictates.

Wahoo RunFit will allow your phone to connect to your chosen piece of cardio equipment and pull the data across to your favourite workout apps. On your OpenHub Console, there is a bluetooth button. Press this to connect your phone and the machine via a secure bluetooth connection.

You can then start your workout and track it on the console or on your mobile device. When you're done, you can save the workout on your phone and upload wirelessly to any of your favourite fitness trackers.

If you're looking to get your entertainment from your phone, you can connect your mobile device via the USB or HDMI cable and navigate your way to Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming service, which will then be picked up on the screen and display your chosen entertainment.

This technology is available on Star Trac 8 Series Cardio Equipment as well as some of the latest Stairmaster equipment, so it doesn't matter if you're looking to measure a casual jog or an intense HIIT session - no workout is lost.