For too long, gym users have been blighted the by lumps, bumps and bruises caused by the dull thud of a plyometric box to the shin. We've all done it and it's never fun. That's why we're saying 'out with the wood, in with the high-density foam'.

The Origin Fitness Soft Plyo boxes are the latest addition to the brand's growing range of specialist fitness equipment which  has already proved incredibly popular with gyms and studios of all shapes and sizes. The growing demand for bodyweight and functional training options which stems from the popularity of programmes like CrossFit and the more widespread use of specialist strength and conditioning techniques for the everyday athlete has meant that the demand for plyometric boxes is on the rise.


Why You Need Soft Plyo Boxes

Of course, boxes are just one tool that plyometric training makes use of to improve explosive speed and power however, they are definitely the most widely used and effective. Plyometric box jumps are a great way to develop power, strength and are a great addition into more general leg workouts and circuit sessions.

Suitable for much more than just jumps, they're perfect for increasing hip and knee mobility with less explosive exercises like step ups and lunges. Since they are quite simple in shape and size, plyo boxes are seen as a really versatile tool to have around the gym, or in the studio, for coaches and trainers to utilise in everyday workouts.

However, the key benefit of the soft plyo box is that you can safely push the limits of an athletes explosive jumping strength without the fear of injury. The impact of a shin against a wooden or metal platform can cause serious damage and can stop people fully utilising the great plyometric exercise that is the box jump.


The Origin Fitness Soft Plyo Box

Due to the boxes' dense inner foam core, with durable outer vinyl layer, there is a decrease in stress on the users joints, a reduced risk of skidding and a softer impact on elbows, knees, shins etc when things don't go to plan.

There are four different heights available; 6’’,12’’, 18’’ and 24’’ which can all be stacked together securely, by Velcro straps, to give varied heights (max combined height of 60’’) . Thanks to their flexibility of use, the plyo boxes are suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and will give users room to progress and scale exercises as appropriate.