This MYZONE product test gives an overview of the MYZONE product, how it works and the benefits it can bring to you and your facility.

Origin Fitness is proud of it's commitment to providing clients with comprehensive leisure and fitness solutions which stretch beyond simply the supply of equipment and provide them with the tools they need to run successful businesses and make a positive impact on their members' gym experience. This is why our partnership with Creative Fitness Marketing (CFM) enables us to provide clients with a MYZONE system that is so beneficial.

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor users physical activity. Focusing on rewarding effort rather than fitness, MYZONE can help anybody regardless of age, size or fitness level to lead an active and fulfilling life.

By simply wearing a comfortable heart rate belt, MYZONE users are able to monitor all concerted activity in real time and view their progress online. It is a new and exciting way for people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

For the fitness facility, MYZONE is the most innovative way to engage your members, while allowing you to boost your retention figures by building a more relevant relationship with your member.

Who uses MYZONE?

The MYZONE system is a great physical activity initiative that can help individuals and groups across a variety of sectors. Here at Origin Fitness we use MYZONE at our Time Fitness health club as a member retention and engagement tool within the gym as well as a teaching aid. However, we are also using it as a corporate health initiative in our head office as a way to improve factors like staff motivation, team morale and absenteeism.

The nature of MYZONE's personal effort monitoring means that it is not a technology developed for professional athletes, it is a completely fair and scalable system that engages users of all abilities and fitness levels.

What equipment is required?

Each MYZONE user in your facility will need a heart rate belt. These retail at £60, however they are ANT+ ready so will communicate with any models of treadmill, bike or cardio machine that is also ANT+ compatible. Even some newer models of mobile phones are ANT+ ready to allow various apps to communicate with belts like MYZONE.

Your facility will also need a MYZONE receiver as this acts as the hub for all the belts registered to your account. The receiver can be connected to any television screens that you wish to use in the gym to display real time heart rate information and class profiles. It can also be set to display the home screen containing adverts and a list of recent user uploads. This is a fantastic way for instructors and trainers to view real time information about how challenging their class is or how hard their clients are really working.

CFM have also launched a MYZONE Lite app which allows users to access their workout data and online profile via their mobile devices.

Key MYZONE Features

Having used MYZONE here at Origin Fitness we understand the platform and the benefits it can bring your facility. Below we've outlined a few of our favourite features.

  • myzonemoves.com creates a social community based around your members physical activity and workouts. It's like Facebook or Twitter but with less of a focus on funny cat videos and more on the camaraderie between team mates, fellow members and coaches as they keep records, discuss and reflect on their training and progress towards goals. It encourages interaction between members, just as social network does, through likes, comments and connections (even between members from other facilities).
  • The MYZONE coach and owner modules offer great insight for these two types of people. Coaches can monitor all of their clients activity and use real data to help ensure they are getting their clients programming correct, whereas owners can view information about their members behaviours and can coordinate challenges, incentives and promotions.

home screen

  • The key measurement when using MYZONE is obviously heart rate. However, MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) become the key metric once you start looking to set user targets and create competitions or challenges. These MEPs are based on the length of time users spend in their target HR zones, more points being earned for time in each zone up to 90-100% of their estimated max HR. The belts also allow users to track the duration and calorific burn of their workouts, viewing graphical representations of their effort throughout.
  • Challenges are a great way of adding some competitive energy in to your gym. As an owner you can invite users through their myzonemoves profile to join a challenge based on either MEPs, calories or duration over a certain time period or up to a target level.
  • Coaches and instructors can use the MYZONE system to create class profiles for activities like Spinning and aerobics which are based around target heart rate zones. This is an incredibly effective way of both visually displaying information about your class but also ensuring that everyone gets the most from the activity, essentially it means there's no hiding places in the group exercise class.

Average effort over time

  • Additional features within the myzonemoves account, allow users to complete a form detailing various body metrics such as waist size, blood pressure etc. to create an all encompassing training diary. As well as this using the MYZONE lite app, users can keep a photographic food diary to help keep on top of their nutrition.
  • Although challenges and leader boards are a great way to add competition to the gym environment, these external factors are not always key motivators for users. This is why MYZONE lets users set personal goals and regularly updates them on progress towards these, whether it's a goal of MEPs, calories, weight or some other metric.


Does MYZONE work?

A common response we hear from clients when we suggest utilising MYZONE in their facility, is that while it's a nice concept they don't think it would work in practice. What we have found in our own gyms and head office is that MYZONE gets results. We've had more people training more regularly and not only that, they had been training more intelligently, thinking about their target heart rate zones when doing CV training.

At head office, we have seen a surge in the number of people training regularly, but more noticeably our MYZONE challenges have generated a huge amount of excitement and buzz amongst our staff. Crucially at our Time Fitness gym, we have been able to develop a better understanding of how our members are training and how we can help them improve their fitness. Most importantly, we've had members and staff use MYZONE as part of an approach that achieves results.