Origin Fitness is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new product; the CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Training System. CrossCore are specialists in Rotational Body weight Training, which is a more advanced and evolved version of the body weight and suspension training systems which have been incredibly popular over the past few years.



What is the CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Training System?

Rotational body weight Training uses the principles of body weight suspension training but allows rotation to further engage core muscles. This means the user can perform a wide variety of functional, effective and challenging movements with just a single piece of equipment. At first glance the CrossCore 180 looks like and behaves just like normal suspension straps, but its only when you "PULL THE PIN" that the CrossCore180 turns any workout into a rotational, multi-planar body assault. Once the rotation feature is activated, the CrossCore 180 RBT System has a whole new range of uses. By attaching a dumbbell, kettlebell or weight to one handle it can also be used as a functional pulley machine.

What is the difference between CrossCore and regular suspension straps?

Firstly, here are the similarities:

  • Both are beginner friendly yet scalable for different fitness levels.
  • They offer a challenging, complete body workout
  • Both are light, compact and portable.

CC-HR-1986Now for the difference:

  • Patented magnetic pin locks pulley wheel in place and stops rotation for stability while
  • Pulling The Pin adds instability, third plane of motion (rotation) and many more
  • exercises and progressions.
  • Ability to add counterweights, such as kettlebells and sandbags, for additional isolation and functional training exercises.
  • Handles clip into the top of the unit for easy transition to pull-ups and knee raises.
  • Built in door anchor for on-the-fly anchoring in the field.
  • Expandable handle and foot loops for a secure grip and custom foot size that won’t slip out during exercise.
  • Replacing worn handles is easy and affordable. No more replacing the entire unit.
  • Originally invented for the military and utilizes heavy-duty construction for use in any facility or environment.