The Spinner® Blade ION will be launched in the UK at the upcoming Leisure Industry Week 2013 in Birmingham. For indoor cyclists and instructors, the Blade ION and the Spinpower™ programme will bring exciting developments to the way Spinning® classes are taught.

Spinner Blade ION

Spinpower™ aims to provide users with science based training principles for individual weight loss, fitness and performance goals. The program provides individualised training using the Personal Spinning Threshold (PST). This establishes a baseline power at threshold to create customised Spinpower training zones.

The Spinpower programme allows instructors to conduct power post-ride data analysis, allowing riders to measure, track and evaluate progress.

The Blade Ion's specifications are similar to original Blade’s. It features; Superior biomechanics with an industry leading Q factor and a powerful chain drive system to simulate a real road bike. It also boasts custom dual-sided SPD pedals featuring a larger pedal body and both SPD and toe cage design.

However, there are three key developments in the design and engineering of the Blade ION which allow it to be used in conjunction with the groundbreaking Spinpower programme.

Firstly, the bike comes with a simple, intuitive computer display, which communicates RPM, heart rate, wattage, time, kcal and distance.

Spinner Blade ION Console

An integrated power system utilizes strain-gauge technology to authentically measure the riders’ actual power output.

A green, environmentally friendly self-powering flywheel generator reduces consumption and replacement of batteries, and allows “always on” backlighting for the Blade ION’s computer display.

Spinner Blade ION

To view the full specifications of the Spinner Blade ION, visit the product page.