For those of you who attended some of the major fitness industry trade shows earlier this year, you may have been lucky enough to get a look at the new Star Trac Fitness products before they became available in the UK. Well, the wait is finally over and our first shipment of Star Trac Turbo Trainer machines landed in our warehouse last week.

An Innovative and Unique Experience

The Turbo Trainer is an innovative cardiovascular product for commercial use, that utilises an isokinetic resistance mechanism. It simultaneously works the upper and lower body to give a challenging workout for users of any fitness level. As the user pedals faster, air is displaced from the fan resistance wheel at a rate which matches the users level of exertion.


The reason the Turbo Trainer is expected to be so popular over the next 12 months is explained by Michael Bruno of Star Trac; "Air displacement technology has exploded in popularity in recent years for high, short burst anaerobic training that complements CrossFit and other high intensity programs."

For Beginners and Elite Athletes

As the resistance matches the user's level of exertion, it provides a low-resistance option for the deconditioned user or those with injuries, while also offering a high intensity, heart-pumping workout for the elite athlete.


The Star Trac Turbo Trainer is now available to buy and has a RRP of £2499.