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Not another Cardio machine..

Not another Cardio machine..

…Or should I say not just another Cardio machine. It is no secret that many people run away (or rather scuttle to the other side of the gym) when they are faced with cardio. The focus in a gym today is on free weights and functional areas, while cardio areas become increasingly smaller.

Does this mean cardio is a thing of the past and we no longer need to run, cycle, or row our way to fit? No, it now means that it is not the only way to lose weight, gain stamina or improve your overall health.

At Origin, we are big advocates of well-rounded exercise, which is why we have introduced not one, but two cardio ranges. Designed to fit into your existing routine and support your training.

(Re)-introducing STORM

Launched in 2019, the Storm range is a HIIT cardio offering the ideal solution to get hearts pumping. Our initial offering of the Rower and Ski Trainer has been so popular, we added a Curved Treadmill and Air Bike.


The Curved Treadmill allows users to run naturally, reducing the impact on joints and the risk of injury.  It comes with four resistance levels: Sprint, Run, Drive and Power Drive. Allowing the user to increase or decrease the resistance to add more of a challenge to their HIIT training. Ideal for boutique gyms and studios looking to create circuits and classes for their members.

Our new Air Bike takes training to a new level with a focus on conditioning and increased endurance. A great addition to facilities looking to add quick HIIT sessions that focus on the whole body. In just ten to twenty minutes, you can work up a sweat and burn fat with an air bike.

Storm is the go-to range for our customers in Education, the Armed Forces and Blue Light Services. We caught up with Declan Smith who manages accounts within these sectors and discussed benefits Storm can bring to these facilities:

Several factors contribute to its popularity, including affordability, ease of use, and portability. Origin Storm offers training tailored to the needs of these sectors, aligned with budgets within these industries. Being easily portable and self-powered, it allows users to place the equipment anywhere within a room, reducing potential trip hazards that come with buying electricity-powered machines and making the equipment adaptable in any space.

Origin Storm is simple and straightforward making the range easily navigable and convenient for new users.

A brilliant way to introduce those who are just starting out to training in a more relaxed manner, particularly within the education sector. With self-powered equipment, the user controls the pace and how hard they work. This makes it easier for users to build on success and achieve goals.

Storm HIIT Cardio Recommendation

“I would recommend to my customers to invest in our Storm HIIT Cardio range. I believe it’s essential for any gym and a great option for all fitness levels. The equipment is very simple to operate and compact so can fit in various spaces within a gym. This makes it a perfect CV solution for those within the Education Sector, Blue Light Services and Armed Forces. “ – Declan Smith

Welcome ALPHA

New this year, our Alpha range is our ultimate solution for those wishing to train at home and for gyms with limited capacity. This range consists of an Elliptical, Upright Bike and Folding Treadmill which can all be easily moved to accommodate floor space within your home or in a gym for functional training.

Origin has created the cost-effective Alpha CV solution for those who want to save room with their fitness space while still having the opportunity to get a good workout in. We spoke with account manager Archie Mackay, who specialises in the home, PT, and independent gym sectors, to learn more about the advantages of using the Alpha CV solution:

Archie - Origin Account Manager

The Alpha cardio line is ideal for non-membership facilities and future home gyms that value sleek design and ease of use. Each machine has an intuitive console with up to 36 distinct programmes to pick from. The ideal amount of training support for those of us who like to train at home or in quieter settings.

The Alpha treadmill presents a strong decision-making advantage. It not only folds to save space on the floor or to store it, but it also incorporates a safety latch. Allowing for a gradual release as the floor is lowered, avoiding any potential injury if it were to simply fly down. Helping keep any potential hazards or injuries from a descending treadmill floor to a minimum.

Alpha Cardio Recommendation

“The Origin Alpha series cardio line is the perfect entry-level CV choice for the home, physio and office gym. The smaller footprint and foldable treadmill are ideal options where space and versatility are at a premium.” – Archie Mackay

So, given the choice, which one is the best…? As individual pieces, they all have something special to offer.

The Elliptical is great for anyone looking for a full-body workout, using your arms as well as strengthening your legs. It is low impact to help rehab and injury recovery. This makes the Elliptical a great option to compliment physio studios and gyms that also offer sports massage as part of a long-term recovery programme.

The most popular indoor bike is upright. Our Alpha option supports leg strength and can be used for sports performance rehab. The folding treadmill is the easiest way to track progress as you gain speed and distance through enhanced stamina. Used for race training, this treadmill should be utilised in conjunction with functional training.


Combine any of these pieces with your function and strength training for a well-rounded regime to support a healthier lifestyle.

Ultimately, the range that fits your needs best depends on the goals you have for yourself or your clients. And what will help you achieve them. Both ranges are budget-friendly and work well with different types of facilities. Unsure which range is right for you? Contact our highly experienced sales team to let them guide you to the perfect range.

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