This year, Origin Fitness took part in nationwide celebrations on the 27th of September, to raise awareness and support a healthy lifestyle for all UK residents. National Fitness Day has, once again, been organised by ukactive with the goal of getting more people, more active, more often.

What Fitness Means to Our Clients

We marked the day by inviting our clients to create a short video of their staff or members explaining what fitness means to them. The hashtag #fitness2me was used to link the testimonials together, and to showcase the different aspects of people's lives that are positively impacted by physical activity.

It was great to hear everyone highlighting the personal benefits the gain from exercise. Members cited improving quality of life, staying mentally and physically strong, and being the best person you can be as reasons for their love of fitness. All of those who took part spoke about their gyms as having a special sense of community and recognised the importance of having friendly and approachable staff.

Origin Staff Fitness Marathon

In addition to our #fitness2me video, we also held an 10 hour fitness marathon at Origin Fitness head office. This ran from 8am to 6pm, and saw members of the Origin Fitness team act as a relay team to exercise continuously throughout the whole day. You can still see some of the footage on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

All employees went above and beyond working back to back to ensure the fitness marathon was a success. From running and weight lifting, to cycling and group exercise sessions; our staff brought everything to the table to make the day as inclusive and fun as possible.