wattbikecoverOrigin Fitness is delighted to be hosting a Wattbike Training Workshop on Wednesday 10th June 2015.

The Wattbike is an extremely valuable training tool for cycling, performance conditioning and general fitness training. However, the key to unlocking it's full potential lies in a good understanding of the advanced features the bike offers.

To help our customers maximise the benefits they can get from their bike, we're welcoming Marvin Burton, Wattbike Master Trainer to our Training Academy in Edinburgh to deliver this half day course.

Master Trainer : Marvin Burton
Cost : £75 +vat
Date: Wednesday 10th June
Time: 11am-5pm
Level : 4 REPs points, 5 hours

This five hour course is worth 4 REPs points and will cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to fitness and testing using power and heart rate data
  • Linking heart rate monitors and using the test results to produce heart rate and power training zones for a user. This enables users to work within British Cycling training zones and receive accurate feedback when using the bikes for training or interval workouts
  • How to utilise the USB function, letting you to pre-design programmes, classes, training plans and store all of your personal data
  • Ideas and help on how you can set up competitions, challenges and how to launch the bikes with new clients
  • The group software shows riders on a screen so that you can race, host a cycling time trial or coach groups of people at the same time
  • How to update the bikes firmware, clean the bikes and troubleshooting on things like battery life, memory and safety