Origin Fitness is proud to be the exclusive UK commercial supplier of Hyperwear products. Designed in the USA to push you to your limits as comfortably and safely as possible, Hyperwear has designed a range of products that promises to suit any user and survive even the toughest workouts.

To help you decide on which Hyperwear product suits your needs the best, here's an overview of the range.

Why Hyperwear?

Before we delve into the specific products, it is important we explain what makes these accessories so different.

If you're familiar with sand discs and weighted vests, you'll notice a considerable improvement in the quality and versatility of the Hyperwear range. All the 'bells' (SandBell, SoftBell and SteelBell) are constructed from an extra thick neoprene with a textured surface for improved grip and durability. We will sell these pre-filled with sand/steel shot, so you can get straight to work quickly.

The HyperVest PRO has a patented design which ensures both comfort, weight adjustment, size adjustments and is made of a breathable fabric that is odour resistance and sweat-wicking.

Only the best quality materials are used to construct the HyperWear products, which is why they are the product of choice for many American professional and college sports teams and have made their way into the training programmes of both the US and the UK military.

hyperwear hyper vest proThe Hyper Vest PRO

As mentioned above, the material that makes up the Hyper Vest PRO is both comfortable to wear and highly durable. Due to the 1/4" thick high-density steel weights, the vest is thin enough to be nearly undetectable under a t-shirt, meaning it fits tightly and comfortably around the torso. This allows the user to go through complex and intense motions without restrictions.

The patented design allows the vest to stretch horizontally but not vertically. This allows for full chest expansion for breathing while keeping the weights in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

Each pocket can hold two 2.25oz bars, meaning that a standard 4.5kg weight vest can be increased up to 10kg (Small)- 29.5kg (XX-Large).

These weighted vests are so good, they have been described as "the best weight vest" by Men's Health Magazine. We recommend the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO for sports performance training, tactical training, general strength and conditioning as well as rehabilitation.

hyperwear sandbellThe SandBell

The Hyperwear SandBells were developed to bring together some of the best-loved functional accessories without taking up too much space. Replicating the features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sandbags, this is one of the most versatile, space saving solutions available in the industry to date.

As previously mentioned, they are built out of a durable neoprene with extra grippy texture, meaning these are suitable to be used indoor and outdoor use.

SandBells are great for all the traditional free weight and sandbag exercises as well as countless explosive power movements such as slams, tosses, and throws. Its versatility makes it ideal for many types of training from general strength and conditioning, to endurance based circuit as well as sports performance.

Working out with a SandBell not only hits the targeted muscles groups but also challenges grip strength by engaging the hand, wrist, and forearm with every move. The dynamic shift and instability of the moving sand inside the SandBell also provides a unique training effect.

Try these out in a group training class, outdoor bootcamp or even just to intensify some bodyweight training routines.

The SteelBell

Based on the same concept as the SandBell, the SteelBell takes functional training one step further. The extra thick neoprene is filled with steelshot to create discs that weight up to 90kg (200lb).

Even though the SteelBells are twice as dense as the sandbells, they will not damage floor surfaces (just make sure you have appropriate flooring to absorb the weight of the SteelBell itself). The patented disc design and steel shot filling allows for the weight to expand and force to dissipate over the surface area of the bag.

The SteelBells are great to put a spin on traditional free weight exercises as well as countless explosive power movements such as slams, tosses and throws.

Again, we would recommend these for bootcamps and group training, especially cross training workouts, as well as strength building exercises.

hyperwear softbellThe SoftBell

The philosophy behind the SoftBell is to take the versatility of the SandBell, and combine it with handles to expand the range of exercises even further.

The SoftBell system consists of two soft neoprene weight plates that can be used individually or attached to an adjustable, easy-grip reinforced plastic handle to make a dumbbell. By attaching only one plate to the handle you can also use it similar to a kettlebell or clubbell.

The weight plates, ranging in size from 1.5 to 4.5kg (10 lbs), are interchangeable on the SoftBell handle to create a complete SoftBell dumbbell ranging in weight from 1.4kg - 9.1kg (3lbs - 20lbs).

The safety and ease of use make the SoftBell an ideal tool for studio or group exercise programs. The design of the SoftBell also helps reduce risk of injury and damage to floors as well as reduces noise and vibrations from dropping weights.

hyperwear sandropeSandRope

The Sandrope is HyperWear's answer to a battle rope, but filled with sand instead of a chain or rope. This could mean a big reduction in clean up, as there are no fibers that shed from the rope, and less noise that a chunky chain slamming against the flooring.

The SandRope is made of a supple but strong neoprene, making it is tough enough to withstand any punishment you can throw at it.

Another advantage of the SandRope is that is can be used anchored and unanchored.

Anchored, the SandRope is great for all types of traditional battling rope wave exercises. Unanchored it can be used for countless other movements such as slams, carries, pull-ups, dips and much more.

The SandRope engages the body, providing high-intensity training for the total body and core as well as cardio endurance all-in-one, for faster results in less time. Its versatility makes it ideal for all types of training from general strength and conditioning to endurance based circuit as well as sports performance.


What HyperWear product will you be introducing to your gym?