February has begun and many may find their motivation to regularly work out start to dwindle. To try to combat the February slump in inspiration, we are launching the #SpeedFitChallenge.

No huge workouts, nothing complicated - just run as fast as you can for 100m on a Speedfit Curved Treadmill!

What's in it for you? We will send a T-Shirt to the fastest female and male entries from each gym. This means that you have a huge chance of winning, because you are only competing against the other members at your local gym!

Take part, compete against other gym members, against your friends or just against yourself and win an original Origin Fitness T-Shirt.

Here is a quick breakdown of the rules;


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Use a self powered treadmill to run 100 meters (no holding on to the safety bars). As a proud supplier of the SpeedFit Curved Treadmill, we have focused our challenge around this particular brand of curved treadmill, but feel free to take part on any other brand of self-powered treadmill. As long as you don't break any rules, you still stand a chance of winning.!

Time It

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Start your run from a standing start and have a friend or member of staff verify* both the distance and the time. You could use a stopwatch or a timer app on a mobile phone to measure your time.

Your entry time should be recorded to two decimal places (so for example 21.45 seconds).

*By submitting an entry the person verifying distance is assumed to have agreed that the time submitted is accurate for 100m.

Film It

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Set up a camera with the whole treadmill in shot and film the run from start to finish. At the end of the video, show the stopwatch or timer to the camera to confirm the time.

Share It

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It's time to show off your sprinting prowess. In order for us to keep score of who is in the lead, we need to see what you've accomplished! So make sure to share your video on Facebook and/or Twitter, tag your gym and add the hashtag #speedfitchallenge.

So if a member at Time Fitness Cupar took part, they would post:
"Check out my #speedfitchallenge @timefitness [VIDEO]"

While we will keep an eye on the submissions, we still recommend keeping a physical leaderboard at the gym so you can keep direct track of how everyone around you is doing.


Instruction Banner 1The challenge goes live on the 2nd of February 2017, and will run through until the 27th. The winners will be announced on the 28th of February 2017.

The winners will be chosen per gym, so there is a large chance that you come out of this with a brand new Origin Fitness T-shirt. We will send one shirt to the fastest male and female member of each partaking gym.

If you manage a gym or studio and you want to take part, you don't need to register anywhere - just start tagging your submissions with #SpeedFitChallenge, and we will pick up your entries automatically!